blu Tasting Room: Where Vapor and Cocktails Meet

The blu Tasting Room concept is one part experiment and one part experience, merging the world of blu flavor with the tastes we encounter every day in food and drink. Stefan Huebner, award-winning mixologist and proprietor of dot dot dot in Charlotte, N.C, constantly invests in both experimentation and experience creation—carefully developing and executing balanced, flavorful cocktails with creative ingredients.

His dedication to the craft of specialty beverages is a seamless match for blu’s Tasting Room, where the art of food, cocktails and vapor connect. Whether he’s pairing his take on a Mint Julep with blu’s Magnificent Menthol or reaching for Polar Mint liquidpods to complement a smooth, easy-drinking Paloma, the experimental partnership between blu and Huebner creates a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

Want to experience flavor for yourself? Shop the flavors Huebner used in his specialty cocktail pairings.