Malibu VIP Tasting with Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang (@MrEddieHuang), American chef, restaurateur and food personality, knows that flavor doesn’t solely rely on taste—how we experience flavor also depends on how we perceive our surroundings through sound, smell, sight and touch. Like blu, Huang believes in crafting unique, memorable experiences through all the senses.

In this VIP blu Tasting Room experience, Huang brings friends together in a lush Malibu backyard for a food pairing complete with cocktails,vapor, charcoal, aromatics and Chinese-Jamaican fusion dishes.

“A lot of people like to talk about pairing but even deeper than pairing is the relationship,” says Huang. “It’s interesting, if you go do business in China there’s this thing that people always talk about called ‘Guanxi’— [meaning] ‘Do you have relations with somebody?’ or ‘Do you have a connection to somebody?’ When I’m cooking it’s also something I pay attention to…What they’re drinking, what they’re vaping, it all plays into the experience.”

For blu, flavor goes beyond the vape—it’s the all-encompassing experience that takes place when vapor combines with good company, well-crafted food, thoughtful drinks and inspiring spaces.