Take in a Paloma Sunrise

Stefan Huebner, award-winning mixologist and Proprietor of Charlotte, N.C.’s premier cocktail lounge, dot dot dot, sampled our extensive array of flavors and immediately drew a line between essence that defines each flavor and the story behind each cocktail he crafts.

The Paloma is the silver-tongued cousin of the Margarita and has risen in popularity across the US in recent years. This is partly because they pack fewer calories, but also because they’re just so damn smooth – an easy drink for any season.

Stefan shows us how the citrus in the Paloma compliments blu’s Polar Mint vapor, creating a paired flavor profile that’s both pleasant and satisfying. With a fine Reposado Tequila as the base, he adds fresh grapefruit juice to bring a layer of acidity – a critical step in a cocktail built around just four simple ingredients. This one’s bold!

Grab your cocktail ingredients from the market then pick up your Polar Mint liquidpods here. You can thank us later.