blu Goes Intense

For years, we’ve been designing products aimed at creating the ideal vaping experience. With the release of myblu™, we revolutionized vaping with fast charge times, flavors that switch in seconds, and a compact design that can be taken anywhere. And with over 10 flavors to choose from, the myblu™ vaping experience was our best yet.

But we’ve found a way to make it even bolder. Enter myblu™ INTENSE.

myblu INTENSE Flavors

INTENSE, our new line of flavors containing a breakthrough nicotine salt formulation, is crafted to merge bold flavor with intense sensations. The new range adds a familiar punch to your vape — and just like the original myblu™ liquidpods, there’s multiple flavors to choose from.

Silky smooth and always invigorating, you can rely on myblu™ INTENSE flavors to be consistent, so every vape is just as good as the last. A leap forward in satisfaction, you can get what you want, when you want it. This is the authentic experience we’ve been after from day one. And now, it’s here — and it’s only from blu®.

It’s time to step up. Be bold. Get INTENSE.

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