Meet Holly: The Ultimate Caregiver

“Anything green, I can make it grow,” says real blu consumer Holly.

Upon entering Holly’s backyard full of wildflowers, you’d swear you’ve been transported to a blossoming countryside. But Holly makes the backyard of her suburban home in Glenolden, Pennsylvania the backdrop for her ever expanding garden.

Around a campfire, with a cold beer, Holly finds herself enjoying the little things in life now more than ever. She also makes self-care and relaxation a priority in her everyday life.

After a string of deaths in her family, Holly realized that the role of caregiver had become the most dominant part of her identity. She felt that it was time to spend more of her life enjoying herself and less time looking after others.

Now, Holly spends her spare time in her garden taking care of a different kind of life, free of stress from the outside world.

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