Meet Rochambeau: Made in NYC

Rochambeau is a name you should get familiar with. This up and coming fashion duo from New York has quickly made their mark on the city’s high-end fashion scene. Established in 2011, this award-winning menswear label can be found on the catwalk (New York Fashion Week to be exact) and worn by some of today’s hottest celebrities. But Rochambeau isn’t one to get complacent – with constant innovation, inspiration, and dedication to their New York roots, this team is just getting started.

Longtime friends Lawrence Chandler and Joshua Cooper have combined their passions for design, fashion, and the city they call home to create a one-of-a-kind menswear line that’s sweeping the runway.

But Rochambeau will be the first to tell you that getting their start wasn’t easy. In such a competitive city, you need to have the extra drive to deliver something better to the industry. The team started out designing t-shirts for models, eventually making their way into high-end fashion, where they continue to introduce new design ideas and concepts.


However, better fashion goes beyond just their designs – Rochambeau takes the “Made in New York” label seriously. With the label’s substantial growth came an important decision of whether to move manufacturing overseas. But to Rochambeau, moving outside of the city wasn’t an option.

The team continues to maintain all production in New York, prioritizing product quality over margins on all of their pieces. Rochambeau exemplifies New York pride in every aspect of their business – and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Curious how blu plays a role in Rochambeau’s day-to-day lives? Stay tuned for their blu story, coming later this month.